Free Canva Course for Students!

🎨 Canva is offering a free design course for students…

More than 75% of the folks that filled out my podcast launch survey are Canva users . . . but what about their students? If you’d like to get your students using Canva, they have a free Canva Design Skills for Students course available! It features 7 video lessons totaling about 20 minutes.

Each video lesson has an activity attached to it, so kids watch for 2-5 minutes, then actually make something—which is fantastic.  The lessons are on searching for and editing elements, uploading and editing media, recording yourself, adding and styling text, editing photos, adding animations, and using apps.

The activities are filled with slides for each element of that lesson. On the left, those slides show a short video of how to complete the task, then on the right is the space to complete the task.  It really is a great format. To be honest, I think I might go through this course myself just to upgrade my Canva skills!

If you do it, you’ll learn how to upload photos, videos, and audio, record yourself and your screen, use the photo background remover, use the built-in draw, QR code, and YouTube apps, and more. Or use it as intended and your students will learn to do those things!

Below is an glimpse into the course, with their first short lesson—on searching and editing elements:

I think this would work great as a fun end-of-the-year activity, but I could also see it being fantastic at the beginning of the year so that your students can use those skills all year long!

This course is free for all and Canva for Education is free for all K-12 educators and students. Go directly to the course by clicking HERE.

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